Why RD ?

logo Since its inception the organization has always been quality-conscious.

  • Highest Quality Assurance
  • Exploration of Expertise
  • Application of Experience
  • Customer-first Approach
  • Adoption of Latest Technologies

This best explains why customes will opt for RD Steel.

RD Steels & RD Iron Rolls (P) Ltd, a subsidiary of eminent RD Group incorporated in the year 2008, is a leading name in merchandising and supply of in all sorts of Iron & Steel products viz. rolls, blanks, flanges, pinions, rings, couplings, gears and shafts both in finished and semi-finished forms. With its registered office in Kolkata at the heart of the city and branch office in Ahmedabad it caters to a copious customer base across India and too as per specifications, drawings and samples provided by them. These products mostly being engineering components used across diverse industries in India and abroad serve as spare parts with high frequency of sales and steady market pull.

The organization headed by Mr. Ramesh Kumar Deosaria, a dextrous and dynamic entrepreneur of merit, has been galloping towards newer and newer altitudes of succes in terms of customer acquisition and acceptance since its inception. It is due to his able leadership and vision the company has always emphasized on customer satisfaction from the day one. Since customer satisfaction is the sum total of quality, price and punctual delivery, Mr. Deosaria has instilled a rare value across the organization, which takes care of the rising productivity of its associates irrespective of their power and position thus ensuring phenomenal growth for the organization as well.